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In Kit form with preset ratios of resin to hardener or Individual form.

The basic epoxy ingredients we use come from the major chemical manufacturers. We blend and modify our epoxies to meet
specific parameters to get the right balance of properties to suit our customers needs. We also add special additives that help to get the air bubbles out and to improve flow and leveling. These additives reduce surface cratering and pin holing that can be a result of a less than perfect substrate. Many epoxy sellers do not incorporate additives or additives of little effect. 

Our epoxies have a proven track record showing excellent performance for marine and shop use.   The strength characteristics, water resistance and the low viscosity of our products are excellent for working with wood and fiberglass.   The majority of our business comes from our many satisfied repeat customers, many of whom build boats professionally.   They have found that we give quality products and personal service at prices lower than even most discount stores.   Give us a try and you'll agree!

The different hardeners and mix ratios will be described in the price list. The following describes our best selling and most general purpose resins and hardeners which are of a two to one mix ratio.

Raka Epoxies are 100 % solids with no evaporating solvents and have low viscosity for superb penetration and wetting out of wood and fiberglass.

The Raka basic marine epoxy resin 127
is our standard resin with a low viscosity of 600 centipoise, very little smell and excellent wetting out and clear coating properties.

900 H.P. is our new high strength resin that is slightly thicker and uses less and more efficient epoxy diluents.  It will give faster curing, much higher strength properties, more rigidity and much higher heat deflection temperatures.  It can be used with all our hardeners at
normal mix ratios but will yield the maximum physical properties when used with our 5 to mix 631 hardener.  

Our standard 2 to 1 mix hardeners
are our slow hardener 606 and our fast hardener 610.  All hardeners are designed to be mixed by volume.  The fast hardener is very fast (pot life of a 3 oz. mass at 77 F is less than 8 minutes).   Working cure strength for most applications, using fast hardener, is achieved in 6 to 12 hours at approx.  77  F.  

The slow hardener is very slow (pot life of a 3 oz. mass at 77 F is more than 25 minutes). Working cure strength, using slow hardener, will take about 24 to 48 hours at approx. 77 F.   606 hardener should be used in temperatures above 60 F.  

Our two to one mix ratio slow
and fast hardeners are easy to use, are low blushing and can be mixed together to customize working characteristics and cure times.  

Warmer temperatures will give better results, but by using our 610 fast hardener its possible to work in temperatures as low as 50 F. and get a hard cure. Full working strength will not be achieved though unless the epoxy has a period of at least 24 hours above 50 degrees.

now have our new non blushing, high gloss hardener 350 and a new high strength resin 900 H.P.  See Special Hardeners and Resins below.


We feel this hardener is second to none in its ability to resist blushing, white clouding and water spotting.   Blushing is the greasy surface film on cured epoxy caused by humidity in the air as the epoxy cures.  

We tried many non blushing type hardeners before we settled on the 350 formulation.  Regardless of the most extreme humidity or cool dropping temperatures our tests show this hardener gives an excellent high gloss and clear, blemish free coatings.  This formulation also has the best resistance to cratering and trapped air bubbles in the cured epoxy coating.

Raka 350 like our other hardeners has good strength properties, excellent water resistance and the best general chemical resistance of our hardeners.  Cured epoxy using the 350 formulation will also give better flexibility to resist impact and wood deformation.   The 350
is mixed by volume one part hardener to two parts of our 127 or 900 H.P. Resins. This system has a good pot life approximately thirty minutes at room temperature yet is relatively quick curing compared to other hardeners and can be used in temperatures down to 60 F  .   The wide temperature use ability of this system will simplify the needs of many customers who do not want to have to carry a combination of fast and slow hardeners.   350 reaches a tack free stage quickly and can be sanded in less than twelve hours at room temperature.   350 is more expensive than our other hardeners but when combined with our economical Resins the average price per gallon is the best competitive value around.


This hardener mixes with our regular Resin ( 127 ) or high strength ( 900 H.P.) at a ratio of five parts Resin to one part hardener and has a medium fast speed. A three oz. mass at 77 degrees F. it has a pot life of less than 12 minutes. It makes the strongest and most water resistant epoxy with higher heat deflection temperatures than our standard hardeners. Its disadvantages are: more blushing, and possibly more sensitising to your skin and much more care must be given to exact mixing ratios. It's priced the same per volume as our regular kit prices.  Not recommended for clear coating applications.


Raka 900 H.P. Resin is not designed to replace our 127 Resin, but to complement our customers demands for more specific Resins and hardeners to satisfy different requirements.  900 H.P. is slightly thicker than our 127 Resin and may not do as well for wetting out or clear
coating.  It  can be used with all our hardeners at normal mix ratios.  It will cure faster than 127 Resin and give substantial increases in rigidity and higher heat deflection temperatures, especially if used with our 631hardener.  

UV Fast Cure

This hardener was designed for people that want to be able to do multiple steps in a lamination in a shorter time frame. With standard epoxy you would have to wait approximately 24hrs before you would be able to sand and continue working. We thought that wasn't good enough.
With our new fast cure UV inhibited hardener you will still get approximately 18 mins of pot life (3oz in a cup at 77F).
Plus the added benefit of having the epoxy be sandable in approximately 4 hrs (at 77F).

To give you an example:
If you start fiberglassing a surfboard at 8am at 77F, you would be able to glass one side and about 12pm would be able to flip the board over and do the other side. After doing the other side around noon by 4pm you can be sanding the overlaps and ready for the final hot coat on your board.

Surfboards are not the only market this epoxy can be used for. If you want the UV Protection, the ability to work multiple coats sooner, and the strength of epoxy, THIS IS FOR YOU!


This system was specifically designed for large/deep pours that require crystal clear finish without air bubbles. When doing a thick pour you can go upto 2 inches in a temperatuer controlled enviroment. We recommend doing the project in a dust free temperature controlled room around 78F. Depending on the thickness of the pour this epoxy will cure hard in 24-48 hours. This was designed to meet the needs of projects that require excellent clarity and thick finishes such as River Tables, and moulded parts.


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